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Assassin ichiyo Fujihiko Hosono / Hideo Shinanogawa

Assassin ichiyo      Fujihiko Hosono / Hideo Shinanogawa

Summary of Assassin ichiyo

In the year 20XX, Grand Kabuki Town is ruled by the Chinese mafia.
People come to this town, one of the largest entertainment districts in Asia, to revel in pleasure and entertainment. It has become a lawless area where the police and government are afraid to enter.

Ichiyo, on a special mission from the National Police Agency, comes to this town to take on mafia boss Kyuryu and his henchmen to protect the peace of Japan and to avenge his family.

This is the beginning of Ichiyo’s assassination operation!


Fujihiko Hosono

Debuted with "Crusher Joe" in 1979, he has accomplished numerous works such as "Gallery Fake" "Taro". He is one of the best enthusiastic comic storytellers and his recent work includes "Yami no Ranpa" "Denpa no Shiro."

Hideo Sinanogawa

He is writing the series "fine." from the year 2006. Later he wrote "Virtus (original: Gibon)", followed by its sequel “Ancient Roman Kakuto Ankitan SIN (Original: Gibon)." His works include “Akane iro no Kyte”in “Feel Young”.
He was involved in the charity for the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake by writing “Bokura no Mangabon”.
Hideo Shinanogawa’s work Shonen Yo Guitar wo Idake is currently being serialized in Jump X.


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