BABEL     Hanta Kinoshita / Noriyoshi Inoue

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Now, curtain of unprecedented story opens -

Night of New Year's Eve.

In luxury hotel in Tokyo "Babel",
Countdown party has been carried out.

His own status quo dissatisfied with, the fate of the rookie hotels Man KoFutoshi is,
By that I met in the mystery of customer Ozaki and Naomi, and begins varies greatly.

And, in the morning of New Year's Day,
KoFutoshi it was to the eyes the "world is changing moment" -

The "Babel" to the stage, and
Tangle in complexity in human relations,
And imposed mission to KoFutoshi - !?

By Kinoshita HanFutoshi, the story of "super" unpredictable, and
Noriyuki Inoue is vivid to draw --- !!!!!!!!!!!!


AUTHOR/Hanta Kinoshita

Born in Osaka Prefecture.
Through the theater activities and BAR management, and novelist debut in the "nightmare of elevator" in 2006.
Then, I create a lot of work.
In 2014 by the director of Shinagawa Hiroshi "One Third" is a movie.
In "BABEL Babel" I challenge the first manga.


ART/Noriyoshi Inoue

Shiga Prefecture, was born.
After passing through the Aoyagi Yusuke assistant, 1978, debut in "Pineapple Joe" in Weekly Shonen King (Shōnen Gahōsha).
"Night King" that series began from 2003 in 2006 well received it is drama.
The series the "UmiMasaru Erumaro" than the first issue in the monthly Heroes. I'm publication comics of all eight volumes.

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