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TEN・I・MU・HO -  Musashibo Benkei - Gibon / Yuji Takemura

TEN・I・MU・HO - Musashibo Benkei -      Gibon / Yuji Takemura

Summary of TEN・I・MU・HO -  Musashibo Benkei -

Once upon a time a thousand years back from now -, there was a legendary man that trembled Japan, in the era of peace

The man was Musashibo Benkei.
Spending his time as a priest soldier under control of Honen of Mount Hiei, he started to feel the emptiness of his own overwhelming power somewhere down the line.
One day, Honen descended the mountain with his armed priests including Benkei.
And Benkei happened to see......

Why he was born, how he should live.
Only heaven knows the meaning of his life.
It is an unprecedented saga of a man with passion for Japanese people.



Having started his career as a music magazine editor and a freelance writer, he made his debut as a manga writer of "The Story of ramen discovery." His original works include "Ramen Saiyuki", "Virtus", and "Ancient Roman Kakuto Ankitan SIN”.

Yuji Takemura

He was awarded Shogakukan comic award during his undergraduate years. His works include "Waga na wa Umishi" Naoe Kanetsugu Maeda Keiji Sakegatari" and "Trigger".


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