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BOOSKA+      JIMMY / Tomoko Kanemaki / Kyoko Tokutake / naopu@FOOM


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Comic information

In the past, Booska and Chamegon set off into the cosmos to find new energy for the earth.
They said they would come back in 20 years, but they’ve never returned…
Then, after many years have passed and people have forgotten about Booska and Chamegon, a miracle occurs!

When monster Booska returns to the earth, he begins a strange life together with Kosak, a genius inventor who is a high school student.

Author information


JIMMY was a final candidate in the 2nd HERO’S Comic Award. Much is expected of this talented young artist!

[Scenario] Tomoko Kanemaki

Kanemaki is active in a wide range of fields, including novels, manga, and video games.

[Composition] Kyoko Tokutake

[Planning] naopu@FOOM

Episode 1 (English) freely available! HERO'S comic GrandPrize announcement

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