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 The Gift of Both Wings

The Gift of Both Wings      【Original work/composition/character design】Yuki Imana 【Art】Keiichi Isozaki

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The Gift of Both Wings

In the past, the military authorities devised a plan to create the "ultimate soldier."
They were aiming for the further evolution of humans, and to create soldiers that had the power to be victorious over anybody.
One man found the solution--a plan forgotten by God.

Plans are executed. Forbidden seeds are scattered. Criminals are born. The world falls into chaos...

A chosen person of great power--a "gift"--will be the one to find the solution.

Profile of Rando Ayamine / Hikaru Arashima

Original work/composition/character design: Yuki Imana

Art: Keiichi Isozaki

Both authors are making their debut with this comic.

Birthplace: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Amount in bank account: It’s a secret

Hobbies: Creating manga

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