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Tengentoppa gurenragan otokodoahouhen

Tengentoppa gurenragan otokodoahouhen      Kazuki Nakashima / Saki Nonoyama

©GAINAX・Kazuki Nakashima 2013

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Otokoseries is a “drama CD” based onTengentoppa Gurenragan an immensely popular anime series. Now, this CD is being turned into a comic!
The setting has been changed to modern Japan, in which familiar characters such as Kamina, Simon, Yoko, and Nia attend G uren Academy!
Don’t miss the spirit of these men, which burns hot and red just like in the manga series!

Tengentoppa gurenragan otokoioppikihen

Profile of Rando Ayamine / Hikaru Arashima

Kazuki Nakashima

Kazuki Nakashima is a playwright and novelist. He has written scripts for a wide range of stage, television, and anime works, including Company☆Shinkansen.

Saki Nonoyama

Saki Nonoyama made his debut in 2008 with Monthly Comic boy’s magazine rival. His most famous works include Enma.


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