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Legend of beautiful spirit MOMO [Story]Kazuto Okina / [Drawing]Z-ONE

Legend of beautiful spirit MOMO      Kazuto Okina / Z-ONE / Naoto Tsushima

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Summary of Legend of beautiful spirit MOMO

A girl, Momo who doesn't know love and a milksop, Taro.
A great contrast between Momo and Taro met in a mystery planet "Kikyu" and make mighty works.
Based on a well known old tale story "Momotaro", comtemporary killing the giant begins!

Profile of Kazuto Okina / Z-ONE

STORY  Kazuto Okina

A script writer. Writing comic senarios, scripts for animatiosn and TV games. He also writes scripts for performances beyond genres.


A fresh Korean artist, Z-ONE draws Japanese traditional story "Momotaro" overwhelmingly in contemporary style.

COMPOSITION  Naoto Tsushima

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