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Dororon! OKUNI-chan [AUTHOR]Toshiki Inoue [CHARACTER DESIGN]Keita Amemiya [DRAWING]Wosamu Kine

Dororon! OKUNI-chan      Hiroyuki Takahashi

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Summary of Dororon! OKUNI-chan

Girl power is justice!

This thrilling story is about a young girl who assumes she can refine her “girl power” by defeating monsters.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Okuni—a second-year junior high school student—is ordered by Six (the beautiful sixth devil king) to suppress the violent monsters that plague the human world.
The tale of this mistaken young girl is full of laughter and tears!
Hiroyuki Takahashi, the winner of the 2nd HERO’S Comic Award, makes his serialized debut at unprecedented speed with Dororon! OKUNI-chan.


Hiroyuki Takahashi

Winner of the 2nd HERO’S Comic Award.
Takashi thought about using “Naoki Hanzawa” as the pen name for his comic debut, but he decided against doing so. He currently has no blog or Twitter account.

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