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Sidekick Fighting Rule

Sidekick★Fighting Rule      Tokio Nazuka / Naoto Tsushima / Razen

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Comic information

A “sidekick” is the hero’s partner and helper who works inside and outside of the shadows to support the hero.

Bright Wing, a female hero, and her sidekick Katsuo Hoshino (known as “Toy Bird”) work inside the Hero System—an organization for cracking down on crime perpetrated by people who misuse their special abilitie(kamingu).
Katsuo is serving as a sidekick and training to become a hero, but he doesn’t have the special abilities that are an absolute requirement for heroes.
Introducing a powerful duo made up of a good-for-nothing woman around age 30 and a busybody man!

Author information

[Original work] Tokio Nazuka

Nazuka writes scripts for anime, manga, and other mediums.


[Composition] Naoto Tsushima

Tsushima is a manga artist who creates works for young boys. He has also been involved in creating manga versions of the Transformers series.

[Art] Razen

Razen is an up-and-coming manga artist.

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