Soul ReVIVER [Author,Composition,Character design]Tohru Fujisawa / [Drawing]Manabu Akishige

Soul ReVIVER      Toru Fujisawa / Manabu Akishige

Herskovitz and Zwick to Develop English-language Action Film Based on Japanese Manga ‘SOUL ReVIVER’

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Summary of Soul ReVIVER

If a soul is taken back before it disappears, dead people can be revived.
"Salvage of soul" is held between dead and nothing.
Toru Fujisawa creats a thrilling fantasy action.
Now, raise the curtain.

Profile of Toru Fujisawa / Manabu Akishige

Toru Fujisawa

Known as author of popular comic "GTO". He is in charge of making story and character design.


Manabu Akishige

Debut on Big Comic Spirits in 1992. He created "Fly, Daddy, Fly" which became a movie and comicalized novels written by Kazuki Kaneshiro. Also created "D-ASH"(story by Miya Kitazawa).


「Soul ReVIVER」 3DCG promotion movie

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